Dj Chello @ Still Here HTX – Sept 23, 2023 – East End Backyard.

Dj Chello

Housetown Records

OG House Dj from Houston, repping Housetown Records. Put your dancing shoes on, we gonna move.

The SOUND Our City Needs

From Headphone and a morning jog or your favorite night club from when you was down.

About Dj Chello

Dj Chello began his musical journey over 22 years ago. Like ever other inspiring Dj’s, mixing and scratching vinyl was his forte. Chello remembers that KRS-ONE ” Sound of the Police” was his very first 12″. Somewhere along the lines while frequenting after hour clubs and raves, Chello fell in love with dance music in particular house music.

From bedroom DJ, clubgoer, promoter, once record label owner, Chello continues to express himself with house grooves that make you move.

HouseTown Records

Established in 2001 with our first release in 2004 on vinyl. Houston TX based music group with local talent and an all star roster of remix artists.

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This is a free event and we are gathering funds to have this great night. Any tips at the entrance would be greatly appreciated.


H Town, Let us take you on a ride.

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